Best Cutting Boards for Sushi | Protect and Pamper Your Knives

A quality cutting board with the right features is an essential tool in your kitchen. How else can you protect the sharp edges of your sushi knives from getting clipped and damaged? You shorten the lifespan of your precious blade each time you slice on a hard surface. Even worse, it will lose its sharpness in no time. Make it your motto; if you invest in high-end professional cutlery, then you must create the best environment for their performance and longevity.

What to look for when shopping for the best sushi cutting board?

  • Soft and durable surface – protect the blade and your wrist.
  • Nonabsorbent characteristics – minimize bacteria growth.
  • Balanced weight and thickness- slice and cut securely.
  • Nonslip and stable – make sure the board does not slip away.
  • Right size – match your available space (The larger the better).

The following list contains some of the best cutting boards for sushi making. They all have unique features that you might want to pay attention when making the final decision.

  1. Yoshihiro Hi-soft High-Performance Professional Grade Cutting Board | Top Choice
  2. BOUMBI Hinoki Wood Reversible Cutting Board| Budget Selection
  3. Virginia Boys Extra Large Walnut Cutting Board | Premium Selection
  4. Kiso Hinoki Cutting Boards
  5. Shun DM0817 Hinoki Large Cutting Board

Yoshihiro Hi-soft High-Performance Professional Grade Cutting Board

Yoshihiro stands out from the crowd with unique cutting boards that are specifically designed for sushi and sashimi preparation. They are made in Japan with extraordinary craftsmanship. The company also produces high-end sushi and sashimi knives, so you are in good hands. One thing is certain; you will sure protect the edges of your blades and extend their lifespan significantly once you invest in one of these smart boards.

Note that these high-performance series are available in six different sizes. Try to pick the largest one that you can fit on your counter since you need a larger working space while slicing and cutting for sushi. They all come in peach color and can handle any kind of heavy duty work including chopping, slicing, dicing, and more.

The magic word is the “soft-surface”. Quality sushi and sashimi knives are produced from high-carbon steel material to enhance sharpness. They require special boards that are soft yet durable. You will notice that this board is well balanced at the center. It will not move around the counter while you are working on it. Keep in mind; a non-slip, soft cutting board also improves your efficiency while slicing. It is a perfect design for any sushi cook. You get to protect your hands while improving the lifespan of your knife. Trust me; your wrist will thank you for reduced pressure.

Nevertheless, your cutting board should not be too soft either as the cut marks might cause bacteria growth. You do not have to worry about any of this with the high-performance Yoshihiro cutting boards. They are anti-bacterial due to the high quality synthetic polyvinyl acetate material used in their production. That is why the cleaning is a breeze. Just wash with mild detergent and air-dry well. Plus, the synthetic material provides excellent odor resistance.

Most cutting boards are made of plastic, wood, or synthetic rubber. I suggest you stay away from the marble and steel ones as these will be too stiff for that carbon steel Eastern style knives (unless you like dull knives for some weird reason). Yoshihiro soft cutting board is a chef’s tool but would satisfy the needs of any sushi cook at any level. And that is what you need in any smart kitchen, whether it is an upscale sushi restaurant or your happy home kitchen.

You basically get the same performance that you would expect from high-end exotic wood cutting boards less the heavy maintenance. Rest assured that it will never damage the edge of your precious knives.


  • Made in Japan
  • Synthetic material
  • 19.6 x 10.6 x 0.8 inches

√ – Budget Selection

BOUMBI Hinoki Wood Reversible Cutting Board

If you are looking for a more budget friendly cutting board solution for sushi making, then the Boumbi reversible cutting board is an exceptional choice with distinctive features. First of all, the board comes with a metal handle on the side for your convenience. Even better, it is reversible. You can use one side for cutting and slicing, and the other side for serving sashimi and more. The narrow rectangular shape also adds to the decorative aspect of the board.

One thing I love about this item is that the company used joined pieces of wood instead of producing it from a single block. In the end, you get a more durable piece that can avoid splitting and deformation. Note that it is made from high quality Japanese cypress from the natural forest of Kumamoto in Japan. On a side note, the leaves and timber of the Japanese cypress contain 1% essential oil that is used medically. Many people prefer this type of wood for health benefits. I also have to add that its fragrant is exceptional.

It is true that wood boards have a tougher surface when compared to rubber versions. However, the company used soft grain to make sure that it remains soft. Eventually, the Boumbi Hinoki Wood board will not dull your knives or apply extra pressure on your wrist. Good news is that you do not have to worry about any cut marks thanks to its durable surface. Plus, it is resistant to water since it contains natural oil. Keep in mind that you can also order this product with juice groove if you like. The metal handle on the side is optional. However, it helps a lot when serving food on it. Hand wash only with mild soap and warm water. Make sure to dry well for better maintenance.


  • Lightweight with soft-surface
  • Made from Japanese cypress
  • 17.3 x 9.8 x 1.05 inches

√ – Premium Selection

Virginia Boys Extra Large Walnut Cutting Board

Here comes the sushi friendly, the all American, premium quality cutting board from Virginia Boys. First thing you will notice is the looks; it is highly decorative. However, there is so much more to it than meets the eye. For starters, it is amazingly non-porous. Being naturally antimicrobial is a common feature among most wood boards since they bind up water; a crucial element for the bacteria growth. Secondly, take note that this is a reversible board. You can use one side for serving food, and the other one for slicing. Even better; use one side for meat and the other for slicing and cutting fresh produce. It is truly practical.

The company chose to use walnut for a reason. This type of wood makes the board softer, which in turn protects your blades. No need to worry about your knives getting dull. My favorite part is that each board is produced from sustainable sources. Meaning, the company plants a new tree for each board they sell and only use material harvested from forests that grow at least 2.4 times the harvest and mortality rate.

This board comes pre-seasoned with coconut oil, and rest assured that there are no chemicals or paraffin involved in the process. Additionally, the packaging is made from %100 recycled materials. Simply bring the warmth of wood into your kitchen with this all natural product. It is exceptionally durable that will last for years. Also makes the perfect gift for the holidays, Mother’s Day, weddings, bridal showers, and any other occasion.


  • Made from walnut
  • Pre-seasoned with pure fractioned coconut oil
  • Responsibly resourced
  • Reversible board with soft surface
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 24 x 18 x 1 inches

Kiso Hinoki Cutting Boards

The Japanese made Kiso Hinoki cutting board is another favorite of mine. Hence, it satisfies all my needs that I would expect from a wood board designed specifically for handling raw meat. The company used 100% Japanese cypress to attain the highest quality. It is a special type of wood that is soft to touch; creating the prefect surface for your sharp edged sushi knives. You are also going to love the fact that it is naturally antimicrobial thanks to phytoncide compounds that resist mold and bacteria growth. Keep in mind that it is made from renewable sources for the sake of forest sustainability.  It is important to know that the company cares for the future of hinoki trees.

Once you get your hands on this attractive board and start slicing, it makes you feel like a master sushi chef. I have to admit though it is not made for heavy duty work. The board has a soft surface, but you should opt for a Yoshihiro Hi-soft High-Performance Professional Grade Cutting Board if you plan to do a lot of chopping and slicing. Other than that it would prove be a perfect solution if you prepare sushi occasionally.

Make sure to take care of it by applying mineral oil when not in use. It is the best way to protect against stains and warping.


  • Lightweight with soft-surface
  • Made from Japanese cypress
  • 20 x 12 x 1 inches

Shun DM0817 Hinoki Large Cutting Board

Here comes another Japanese cypress beauty. Shun is famous for producing some of the best sushi and sashimi knives in the market. Therefore, they know a thing or two about what to expect from a quality sushi cutting board that won’t damage their premium knives.

These precious boards are handcrafted in the land of sushi; Japan. They are priced reasonably and do come in four different sizes. You must know that wood boards require some maintenance to preserve their quality features. All you need to do is to wash it with mild soap and warm water. Make sure to dry well with a towel and then air-dry to prevent any stains. Overall, it is a premium product that would work well for home cooks. However, if you are serious about sushi making or a professional sushi chef, then you might want select Yoshihiro Hi-soft High-Performance Professional Grade Cutting Board or BOUMBI Hinoki Wood Reversible Cutting Board for heavy duty performance.


  • Made from Japanese cypress
  • 18 x 12 x 0.75 inches

What are the disadvantages of plastic cutting boards?

Plastic cutting boards are unsanitary since they often get damaged from cut marks. In other words, they create the best environment for bacteria growth. Another disadvantage is the sustained stain and the repelling odor that builds up over time. Plus, you might as well be transferring microplastics directly into your food when you are slicing on these. Some people think they are easier to wash yet the plastic cutting boards may harbor many harmful microorganisms. Just because you can put them in the washing machine does not necessarily mean that they are hygienic.

Which type of cutting board is the best?

Selecting the right cutting board is not rocket science. All you need is to have some basic knowledge about the available options and their advantages. For starters, wood is always a better choice when compared to plastic due to sanitary reasons. It can heal itself, meaning the cut marks will not harbor bacteria, at least to a degree. Some people assert that plastic boards are more versatile. If you are not going to use it frequently, then you might opt for one. However, the best option is the high-quality synthetic material boards that can protect both the knife and your health at the same time. It is a win-win solution.

How do you disinfect a wood cutting board?

You cannot put the wood cutting boards in the washer machine. Therefore, it is best to wash with hot water and mild soap. Rubbing white vinegar and rinsing with cold water afterward would improve the overall hygiene. You can also use a baking soda mixture for tough stains. Make sure you dry well.

Should you use different cutting boards?

Although you can use a premium cutting board for just about any kind of food, it is a good idea to use separate ones for different tasks. For example, use synthetic material boards for seafood, poultry, and meat, and a wood board for fresh produce. Using multiple boards may prove to be a wise decision in the long run for both the hygiene and odor of your board.

How should the cutting board be stored?

You can either display your cutting board on the counter or place it in the drawer. If you are using wooden boards then it is best to apply some mineral oil on the surface (both sides and edges) and keep in the closet or drawer while not in use. This will help to create resistance for moisture. Also storing in up right position will also keep it away from moisture and dust.

In Conclusion

You must get the right board if you worry about the longevity of your knives. Hard surfaces can easily damage the blade. Most knives will get clipped or become dull eventually. They simply cannot sustain the continuous pressure between your wrist and the hard-surfaced board. Also, you want to select the one with the least nonabsorbent surface to prevent any bacteria and mold growth. If you intend to use your cutting board for sushi and sashimi preparation then the Yoshihiro Hi-soft High-Performance Professional Grade Cutting Board is the perfect match. The soft touch and non-slip surface will make it easy for your hand and knife. If you are looking for a wooden board instead, then I suggest Virginia Boys Extra Large Walnut Cutting Board. It is a premium selection with extra features. Make the right choice when shopping for a sushi cutting board to keep your knives sharp and your wrist relaxed.


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