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Mediterranean Okra Stew

Here comes another traditional family recipe from my oldest notes; the Mediterranean Okra Stew. Sour and sweet, chewy and soft, the mighty okra, as we call it bamya, is a unique vegetable. Its taste always reminds me of lemon in a way, but it also has a grassy character. Not all vegetables are created equal […]

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How to Make Traditional Stuffed Bell Peppers – Family Recipe

Bell peppers are my favorite vegetables when it comes to making stuffed yummies. I know that there are so many varieties for stuffed bell peppers, and they all have different fillings. However, this recipe is as traditional as it gets—no fancy ingredients are allowed. I prepare these with a minimal number of herbs. In fact, […]

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Healthy Beans and Rice Pilaf

I always prefer vegetable protein over meat whenever I get the chance. So, legumes are on my favorite dish list constantly. Even Roman gladiators were aware of their superfood powers thousands of years ago. Namely, beans, peas, and lentils can work miracles if you consume them on a regular basis. Plus, it is good to […]