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How to Make Traditional Stuffed Bell Peppers – Family Recipe

Bell peppers are my favorite vegetables when it comes to making stuffed yummies. I know that there are so many varieties for stuffed bell peppers, and they all have different fillings. However, this recipe is as traditional as it gets—no fancy ingredients are allowed. I prepare these with a minimal number of herbs. In fact, […]

lahmacun fresh out of the oven
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How to Make Lahmacun at Home – Turkish Kebab Recipe

Lahmacun is an indispensable item on every kebab restaurant’s menu. In fact, you can hardly find a traditional meat restaurant in Turkey that would not serve lahmacun. It is a combination of spicy minced meat on flatbread. At first look, it might seem like an easy recipe. It is hard to believe that there are […]

Making Turkish kofte kebab with original recipe
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Turkish Kofte Kebab – Grilled Spicy Patties

Kofte, originally köfte, is probably one of the most popular foods in Turkey. Well, maybe after doner (döner) shawarma. And it is not just Turkey. These flavorful meatballs are highly popular all around Greece (Keftedakia), and the Balkans (Kofta, Qofte, Cufte, Kyufte, Chifte, etc.). In fact, most countries have similar dishes with different ingredients according […]

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Homemade Ravioli – Turkish Manti

Ravioli, dumplings, manti, whatever you call them, they taste so delicious. In every region of the world, there is a different kind of stuffed pasta to embrace. In fact, the history of this specialty pasta goes back hundreds of years. The variety is enormous. Nevertheless, the one we are making today is called the MANTI, […]