Month: September 2021

Making Turkish kofte kebab with original recipe
Barbeque, Beef, Turkish Cusine

Turkish Kofte Kebab – Grilled Spicy Patties

Kofte, originally köfte, is probably one of the most popular foods in Turkey. Well, maybe after doner (döner) shawarma. And it is not just Turkey. These flavorful meatballs are highly popular all around Greece (Keftedakia), and the Balkans (Kofta, Qofte, Cufte, Kyufte, Chifte, etc.). In fact, most countries have similar dishes with different ingredients according […]


Quick Protein Salad – Red Kidney Beans

Here is a quick protein recipe to boost your system and elevate the oxygen levels of your cells. The main ingredient is the red kidney beans, which are full of complex proteins. It will only take a few minutes to prepare this easy salad, yet it is so delicious and colorful. And as a bonus, […]