About Us



I am Clara, a mom, an engineer and a researcher. I love to cook and try out new recipes, and even more, new kitchen equipment that helps make my life easier. Any piece of technology that can save me time, is welcomed in my house/ and in my kitchen, obviously. Cooking relaxes me, so it is more than a hobby, it is my way of meditation. I love to cook by myself, but I also enjoy to get my kids involved in different recipes. It’s fun. Sometimes. Especially when it doesn’t involve too much of spilling on the floor. My daughter loves to bake with me, so here goes that 🙂 Plenty of yammi recipes, probably not so good looking – her design taste is not quite well developed. My son loves strawberry cake with salad on top – he is on a different level 🙂 Welcome to our crazy corner. My friend, Ozgur, will join me in this journey. He is the actual true master chef. His recipes are mouth watering, and everything he prepares is delicious. So, whenever you see his posts, make sure you pay attention to his advice and try out his recipes.



Hi there 🙂 I am Ozgur. My passion is to cook, write stories, and play music. I am looking forward to sharing my recipes and experiences with you guys on various kitchen appliances. And the best part is that I get to write on this blog with Clara. She is an amazing cook and is always open-minded about new recipes as I am. Her enthusiasm, good mood, and energy immensely inspire me. I am a fan of her articles.

If you want to learn some new tricks and yummy recipes, then you came to the right place. The only thing you have to do is to never fear trying out unusual ingredients and techniques. Trust me, doing so definitely opens up new horizons. It just gives me the chills whenever I get the chance to learn new food tricks. A little about my background; I am a third-generation baker and have been lucky to work in many international food companies of all scales; both industrial and also small family restaurants.