Making salmon pizza at home with bread maker machine
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How to Make Salmon Pizza with Bread Maker Machine

Making pizza is one of my favorite pass times at home. I love preparing unique and delicious food for my friends and family. And, you cannot order them from generic fast-food chains either. Take today‚Äôs recipe: salmon pizza with fresh dill and cheddar cheese. It is a different combination than the ones you see at […]

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Ochazuke with Matcha Tea – Quick Meal with Baked Salmon

I love Japanese one-bowl dishes. Quick, tasty, and full of healthy food! Ochazuke is made with a great assortment of flavorsome ingredients. The combination of baked salmon, matcha (green tea), nori, soy sauce, and steamed rice make a perfect quick meal for me. If you have some leftover rice and frozen salmon in the fridge, […]

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Quick Baked Salmon for Dinner

Salmon is great for dinner but also good for your health. It is not rocket science to cook some for yourself unless you really want to complicate things. There are mainly two types; Pacific and Atlantic salmon. And they are widely available in most grocery stores. Both types are full of nourishing omega-3 acids. Atlantic […]