Sour lemon soup eksili kofte

Sour Lemon Soup with Meatballs – Vitamin C Boost – Flu fighter

Like lemon? Then, you are going to be addicted to this soup. Today, I’m sharing my mom’s sour lemon soup with meatballs recipe. It is a tested, trusted, and well-known flu-fighter. There is no need to stock up on medications. Consume healthy food regularly, and no virus may get close to you.

You know it is impossible to resist childhood dishes, well, most of them anyway. You are automatically hooked forever! And it is not just the flavor, some meals bring back good old memories inevitably.

Meatball soups are so popular all around the planet. Everyone has a different version. I just love the sourness that fresh lemon juice complements this one. I add some magic sauce at the end of the cooking, which does the trick. However, I will give you an extra hint to turn, not only this but any kind of soup, into a gourmet selection. Add 1 teaspoon of no msg added Simply Organic all-purpose spice blend to elaborate and create a starry experience.

Get ready for those flu attacks!

It is that time of the year, the season of flu. During mid-fall and early winter, most people get the sniffles easily. It is simply because you can’t decide what to wear. Should you wear a t-shirt or a jacket or both? A little wind takes its toll, and suddenly you find yourself lying in bed with tissues all around. So, remember this traditional soup whenever it gets cold out there, a perfect choice for the beginning of fall. Add real spark to your food. How about some vitamin C, A, and protein with a tasty soup like this? Put on your shields just when everything starts to get chilly.

On a side note, you can elevate the antioxidant levels by adding a single garlic clove if you wish.

If you are looking for a vegan soup, then use meatless meatballs and omit the egg in the sauce.

Sour Lemon Soup with Meatballs

Chicken noodle soup is everyone’s favorite when it comes to fighting the flu. Nevertheless, you should not underestimate the powers of lemon, carrots, eggs, and ground beef in sour meatball soup (eksili kofte corbasi). Remember, any type of ground meat will work. So, pick your favorite.

Sour Lemon Soup with Meatballs – Vitamin C Boost – Flu fighter

Recipe by OzgurCourse: SoupsCuisine: Turkish, Mediterranean, GreekDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time




Total time




  • 200 g (7 Oz.) ground beef (or any other type ground meat)

  • 1 medium size white onion

  • 3 medium size potatoes

  • 3 medium size carrots

  • 2 liters water

  • 2 tablespoons white rice

  • 2 tablespoons wheat flour

  • 1 tablespoon butter

  • 1 egg

  • 1 lemon

  • Salt and ground pepper to taste

  • Optional:
  • 1 garlic clove, crushed

  • ½ bunch fresh parsley, chopped thinly

  • 2 celery sticks, diced


  • Peel and dice the potatoes and carrots into small cubes.dice the carrots and potatoes
  • Add 2 liters water into a large saucepan.
  • Add the onion (do not cut or slice!).
  • Turn on the heat (medium heat).
  • Add the diced carrots and potatoes.making soup from scratch
  • Let them cook for about 10 minutes.
  • Preparing the meatballs
  • Meanwhile, put the ground meat in a medium size bowl.
  • Add rice, salt, and ground pepper.ground beef mixture with rice
  • Knead and blend the ground meat mixture.
  • Add 2 tablespoons wheat flour on a tray. Add two tablesspon of wheat flour on the tray
  • Form small meatballs from the mixture and roll them on the tray to cover them with flour.
    cover themeatballs with wheat flour on tray
  • Add the flour coated meatballs into saucepan.adding meatballs to sour lemon soup
  • Add 1 tablespoon butter into saucepan as well. Stir with a spoon until it melts completely.
  • Cook over medium heat for 30 minutes.
  • Preparing the sauce
  • Squeeze 1 whole lemon.sour lemon sauce for the soup
  • Break an egg, and mix well.
  • Add this mixture into saucepan and turn off the heat.
  • Make sure you blend well while the soup is still very hot.


  • Do not boil the soup or the carrots and potatoes might be ruined. Cook over medium heat and slowly turn it down a bit after 15 minutes.
  • We cover the meatballs with wheat flour for two reasons. First, we want them to keep their forms while getting cooked in the soup. Second, we want to prevent them from sticking to each other.

What are common problems in preparing soup?

Do not boil the soup. You should instead simmer and monitor closely. Also, if you cook the vegetables for too long, then they will turn out mushy. You can try using organic spice mixtures to improve flavor.

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