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The Rival roaster oven is a highly talented and versatile appliance that you should take advantage of in your kitchen for various cooking tasks. Besides being an exceptional roaster, it can also work as an avid slow cooker. I should warn that if you have one of these at home, your standard oven and old slow-cooker will sure get jealous. And, they have every right to do so. It is not fair to compare them with this smart tool since it can bake, roast, warm, and cook.

Slow cooking is one of the most nutritious methods to keep the fibers and vitamins in your food. Even better, you can enhance the aroma and the overall taste significantly. The meat gets to be more tender and a lot juicer. In short, it turns your meal into a celebration without much effort. Trust me, even making vegetable soup is more challenging than a slow-cooked meat stew. Throw all the ingredients into the pan, close the lid, and take a rest. Now you can do all that with your Rival roaster oven too. Adjust your temperature settings and turn it into a slow cooker in no time.

RIVAL ROASTER OVEN – 22 Quart | Roast, Bake, Slow-Cook, and Warm

Rival roaster ovens come in different sizes, but I prefer the 22 Quart version since I can roast a large turkey and make a big batch of meat stew easily. If you have a small family, then you might want to select the 18-Quart version. Overall, I think it is a good fit for both the experienced and novice home cooks. The temperature range is from 150° F to 450° F, which adds to its versatility. You can slow cook or warm without any issues.

To my experience, the food comes out moist and tender. This is because of the smart lid design, but it is also due to the even heat distribution. I do not know much about the heating elements, but you get to cook your food in the same color all around. Nobody likes a turkey roast with one side is half cooked and the other side burnt. Roasters ovens, in general, are very powerful at cooking smooth and evenly. Plus, you get to save on space, energy, and time too. It takes 1/3 less time to cook with a roaster when compared to traditional ovens. You will notice that your roaster oven does not heat up the whole house as is the case when you are using the standard ovens. You can pack it away once you are done cooking with it. I only wish that the cord was a bit longer, but that is not even a real drawback when you consider all its positive features.

Adjusting the temperatures on the Rival roaster oven for slow cooking.

Slow cookers use only two settings; LOW and HI. In order to turn your Rival roaster oven into a slow-cooker, just use the 200° F for LOW, and 250° F for the HI setting. It is that simple. Remember, you might want to size up your recipes since the Rival roaster oven is much bigger than a regular slow cooker.

Convert Any Slow Cooker Recipe to Baking in a Roaster Oven


  • 22-Quart size
  • Enamel pan – Dishwasher safe
  • Lid rest enables easy serving
  • Removable steel rack
  • Easy to use temperature controls
  • 1-year Warranty

Is it easy to clean up the roaster oven?

The inner pan and the steel rack of the Rival roaster are both removable. Also, the pan is enamel coated and dishwasher safe. Once you are done cooking, remove all parts and wash them with soapy water in the sink. You can also add water and baking soda in the pan and set the temperature to 150° F. The leftovers should come off quickly after 8-10 minutes. Be careful when removing the warm pan.

How do you slow cook in a roaster oven?

Put all the ingredients into the inner pan of the roaster oven. Close the lid and set the temperature to 200° F if the recipe calls for the LOW setting, and 250° F if it calls for the HI setting. Do not forget to add water in the pan until the meat or whatever you are cooking is half submerged. Try not to open the lid as much during cooking since the steam will escape each time you do so.

Tip Alert

If you need to brown the meat for stew before slow cooking in a roaster oven, set the temperature to 300° F first and put the meat with olive oil into the roaster’s pan. Stir and brown the meat cubes in this setting. Once it is browned, drop the temperature to 200° F, add the other ingredients, and close the lid.

Slow Cooking Hacks

Slow cooking is easy. There is no argument there. However, if you want to cook a pro-level meal for your guests, then you might want to check out the following slow cooker tips and hacks. They have the potential to turn your tasty food into a somewhat jaw-dropping, devilish dish.

  • Use this rule if you need to adjust your cooking time; one hour of cooking on the HI setting (250° F on the roaster oven) is equal to 2 hours of cooking on the LOW (200° F on the roaster oven) setting.
  • Coat the inner pan of the roaster with nonstick spray to prevent any scrubbing afterwards.
  • If you brown the meat on the stove, it would be much easier for you. You would not have to play with the temperature settings. Just put the browned meat and the vegetables in the pan all at the same time.
  • Put in the potatoes and carrots at the bottom. That way, they can release steam and starch to keep everything else together.
  • When choosing meat for your stew, make sure it contains a good amount of fat. Slow cooking takes a long time. And if the meat does not have enough fat on it, then it could break up into bits.
  • Take out the frozen food out of the fridge at an hour before you start slow cooking unless you want to drop the temperature inside the unit.
  • Slow cooking takes patience. Do not attempt to open up the lid every ten minutes. In fact, you should leave it closed for a few hours. That way, the steam can work inside the food and blend in all the aroma inside the pan.
  • If you are going to add cream, then do so at the last 15 minutes of the cooking. The cream can quickly spoil when cooking over low heat for an extended period.

Can oven bags be used in a roaster oven?

There is no need to use oven bags in a roaster oven since this appliance creates the very same cooking environment. Nevertheless, if you really want to use an oven bag in your roaster oven, you should be cautious. Make sure the bag is not touching the sides and the lid. Otherwise, it could melt easily.

What are the benefits of cooking in a roaster oven?

Roaster ovens are incredibly versatile. You can bake, roast, cook, or warm. Best of all, they don’t take much space in your kitchen. Unlike the standard ovens, they do not heat up the room. You can take them with you wherever you want as long as there is electricity.


  • Use aluminum pan liners for easy cleaning afterwards. Lay the liner inside the pan before you place the ingredients.
  • Cheaper cuts of meat provide better results with slow cooker recipes.


  • Do not add too much liquid when slow cooking. The meat and the vegetables give out a lot of liquid during the process. You would extend the cooking time and ruin your recipe. Use a tablespoon of flour or corn starch to thicken the sauce. It is a great way to fix a very liquid stew quickly.

In Conclusion

The Rival roaster oven is smartly designed for the convenience of any home cook. It is my extra oven. I can accomplish lots of different tasks with it, whether it is roasting the Thanksgiving turkey, preparing some delightful prime ribs, or even baking bread. Check out this article if you want to learn what else you can cook with a roaster oven. Remember, you can serve a tasty feast to your family and friends quick and effortlessly. The stovetop and the big old traditional oven will be free for preparing the side dishes.

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