Sea Salt No-Knead Bread Recipe

Baking is one of my favorite activities, when I have the time for it, of course. Baking bread is extremely dear to me, since my kids they all love a freshly baked bread, especially on a rainy long day of school. And why not admit it, it is probably the few things I make for them and I get complimented. It’s always nice to hear a compliment from your kids. I created few small videos along the way, to follow up on my instructions.

Sea Salt No-Knead Bread Recipe

Recipe by ClaraDifficulty: Easy


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  • 700 grams of flour

  • 500 ml lukewarm water + 100 ml milk

  • 10 grams of salt

  • 25 grams of yeast + 1 tablespoon of sugar

  • oil : olive oil/sunflower oil – your choice

  • sea salt for decoration


  • In a bowl, add the flour. Make a hole in the middle of the flour, and add the yeast together with 1 spoon of sugar. Set aside.
  • Mix the lukewarm water with the milk. Slowly add the water- milk mixture to the sugar-yeast mixture, and mix gently until the yeast is incorporated.
  • Add the salt and continue adding the water-milk liquid. When this step is done, the dough should look like in the video below 1. Do not mix much after this stage.
  • Add a little bit of oil on top of the dough, just enough to cover the surface, and then hold the dough 4 times. You can see in video 2 how to do that. You will need to do this every 15 minutes for the first hour.
  • Let the dough proof for 2 hours if you have the time, somewhere warm and without a draft. Cover the bowl with a kitchen towel. The first hour you need to hold the dough four times every 15 minutes, and let it rest the next hour. This is how it will look after the first hour.
  • After the second hour has passed, have some extra oil on your hands, and move the dough to a Dutch oven. Add the sea salt on top of the bread. Watch the video 3 bellow to see how I did it.
  • Cover the Dutch oven with the lid, and bake the bread for 25 minutes at 230 degrees Celsius (446F). Then take the lid off, and bake for another 20-25 minutes, or until the bread looks golden brown.
  • When the bread is done, let it cool for an hour or so (or at least 30 minutes) before you start slicing it up.


  • Add a plastic foil on top of the bowl, before the kitchen towel, after the first hour. This way, you make sure you don’t get your kitchen towel dirty with dough, as it will raise quite much.
  • If you have the time and the possibility, heat up the Dutch oven before putting the dough in. This way, the bread will get a nicer crust.
  • Also, for an even better crust, add some egg whites on top of the bread, before adding the sea salt.
  • You can use any type of oil. I chose sunflower oil this time, because of its neutral taste. The kids are not so into olive oil, but I totally recommend that one though.
  • If you don’t have the time to wait 2 hours you can go ahead and bake the bread after the first hour of proofing. The bread will still be very good, I have done this many times. In fact, it is not so often that I have the luxury to be waiting for 2 hours for the bread to be ready.
Video 1 : How the dough should look like after mixing the ingredients
Video 2: How to do the holding of the dough, every 15 minutes, for the first hour
Video 3: Get the dough ready for baking

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