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Food for Your Eyes – Nourish Your Eyes

Eye health is becoming a major issue for all of us. We have more digital screens in our lives today than ever before, and this matter is affecting all ages. Kids cannot take their eyes away from their cell phones, grandmas hooked to their tablets, and the rest of us work on computer screens for long hours. We are doomed, and the future looks blind ahead. Therefore, we need to exercise our eyes regularly and protect our eyes’ health with omega-filled food.

Eyesight and eye health

The good news is that eyesight friendly foods are super tasty, especially if you like seafood, nuts, and vegetables. You can change your habits with small modifications in your daily food intake and improve your eyesight significantly. At least, consume some iceberg lettuce salad with grilled salmon twice a week.

Nourish your eyes with the right food

Most fatty fish, leafy greens, legumes, carrots, and citrus fruits contain a substantial amount of eye-friendly minerals. The variety of dishes available with these delicious ingredients are enormous. In particular, you need to increase your vitamin A, C, and E intake. Also, add zinc and copper to your diet. Remember, carrots are not the only eye-healthy food. Pumpkins and sweet potatoes are powerful eye protectors too.  

Fresh fish from the fishers
Fresh fish from the fishers.

You can also consider adding ethnic recipes to your diet while mixing in some eye-nutritious food. It will surely spark up extra light. How about some spicy lentil patties? Lentils contain fiber, folate, protein, vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, and potassium. These minerals improve blood pressure, reduce diabetes risk, and in return, enable your blood vessels to protect your eyes.

The Three Musketeers

Whole grains are crucial for maintaining eye health. They contain vitamin E, niacin, and zinc. These three musketeers protect your eyes from developing cataracts and AMD (age-related macular degeneration). If you don’t like whole-wheat bread, you can prepare yourself some spicy bulgur salad (KISIR SALAD). Bulgur contains whole wheat kernel. It is much healthier than rice and has fewer calories than quinoa!

Salmon is super healthy for your eyesight.

Like Asian food? Try Japanese Ochazuke for instance. It is made with matcha (green tea), baked salmon, and Nori (seaweed), all of which are highly nutritious for your eyes. Or, keep it simple and have some regular baked salmon for dinner with fresh veggies on the side.

Eye-healthy fruits

  • Kiwi
  • Bell peppers
  • Apple
  • Tomatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Citrus fruits

Healthy eyes

Vascular eyes mean that you need to keep that love box (your heart) pumping steady and strong to have healthy eyes. In other words, you need to fill your blood with oxygen and nutrients sufficiently. The blood vessels that are responsible from your eyes are super tiny. Any fat deposit can damage and block them. Keep them healthy with heart-friendly, color-rich, nutritious, and mineral-rich food. Otherwise, you might not get to see this world clearly as much as you should. And, there are so many beautiful things to see out there, don’t you agree?

Worst food for your eyes?

If you like your eyes, then stay away from processed food. Most industrial food manufacturers add unhealthy ingredients either for economic reasons (to lower the costs) or to increase product shelf life. Some manufacturers add MSG or other harmful salts to improve the taste. Trust me; you don’t need this junk in your life. 

Processed food contains added chemicals such as (trans fats, sodium nitrate, and sodium nitrite). These types of additives may cause cancer, damage your blood vessels, and may harm your heart in so many ways. Unfortunately, if you are not shopping at the organic food aisle, then chances are you are buying processed food in some form.

Note that you should also stay away from added sugars. I know they taste good, but most of those colorful carbonated drinks, fruit juices, cookies, cakes, and desserts are full of unhealthy syrup and sugars. Added sugar is nothing but a disaster for your blood vessels.

Make sure you stay away from simple carbohydrates too. Mainly anything prepared with white wheat flour fall under this category. These also include white pasta and white rice.

Common eye health complaints

If you have one of the following symptoms, you better schedule an appointment with a local physician for an eye exam and regular performance checkup.

  • Itchy eyes
  • Loss of vision
  • Burning eyes
  • Flashes in the eyesight
  • Photophobia
  • Pink dots
  • Eye pain

Exercise your eyes

Your eyes have muscles. If you exercise your eyes in the morning and before you go to bed in the evening, you will start to notice some significant improvements in your eyesight. However, you must be patient since you will get the optimum results in the long run. There are plenty of eye exercise videos on YouTube. It is a great way to gain vital information on techniques and tips quickly. Also, make sure you get enough sleep if you want to maintain healthy eyes.

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