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I know that sad and angry feeling. You are doomed whenever you burn a decent piece of steak or dry up the Thanksgiving Day turkey. Despite all your precious efforts, that delicious meal is wasted just because you could not adjust the heat properly. However, you should not be too hard on yourself. Cooking meat precisely to your preference is no child’s play. The only way to accurately determine if it is ready to go is by using one of the best digital thermometers in the market. Nowadays, these gadgets are incredibly advanced that they can even send the exact food temperature level directly via wireless monitors. In other words, you no longer have an excuse to over or undercook the food you are serving to your guests. Set up a target range, and it will inform you when the meat starts to get close to that level.

Nevertheless, there are so many meat thermometers in the market and you might get confused which one to choose. Over the years, I used many different models and had the chance to gain in-depth experience. Some of my favorite models disappeared and some got even more advanced. Talking about innovation, I would like to introduce you the newest from the masters of digital thermometers today; ThermoPro TP20. Let’s discuss its outstanding features and see why it always ranks as a best seller.

ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Thermometer

ThermoPro produces the best digital meat thermometers in the market. The TP20 is the newest model and is well developed. First of all, it is incredible that you can monitor two different types of meat with this smart gadget. This is called Dual Probe Technology. Say you are grilling chicken and beef side by side. Obviously, you need different settings for them, as white and red meat does not cook at the same pace. Now, you can set up different ranges and monitor both simultaneously. Plus, you can also monitor the oven with one of the probes. I think this gives you a lot of freedom while cooking.

I also fancy the countdown feature, which is extremely helpful when cooking or roasting food for a long time. The receiver will beep and flash once it reaches the preset temperature. It changes color when it starts to come close to the desired range. And the best part is that this gadget is really easy to operate. There are no confusing steps. Besides, no synchronization is ever required. It comes ready to use right out of the box.

Timer and temperature settings are automatically saved when you turn it off. The accuracy level is amazing; ± 1.8 °F / ± 1 °C. This is achieved with the probes’ step-down tip design, which allows getting temperature information quickly and more precisely. You are going to love this feature especially when you are roasting prime ribs or turkey. Getting accurate readings on the meat becomes extra crucial when you are cooking for several hours. You can never trust the exterior looks of the food and estimate the doneness. If you don’t use a practical digital thermometer, the chances are that your turkey will either be over or undercooked.

The stainless-steel probe and the wire can withstand up to 710°F (380°C). In other words, all the materials are of the highest quality. The TP20 gives you freedom too! You don’t have to wait by the oven or the grill; the range for the stand-alone monitor is up to 300ft. Just insert the probes into the thickest part of the meat, and go have some coffee with your friends while the food is getting prepared just the way you like. The monitor never loses connection with the main unit while I am cooking.

Notice that the ThermoPro TP20 comes loaded with pro-level settings for different kind of meats, which are programmed according to USDA approved temperatures. If you are not sure about your own settings, then select the meat type first and then choose how you like your meat; rare, med-rare, etc. Besides, you can have your readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius; it is all up to you.

Hand wash the probes with a soapy sponge after each use, and never immerse them in the water if you want to use them for an extended period. Make sure that you rinse well afterward. You can also purchase a LTGEM EVA hard case for storing the TP20 digital wireless thermometer the best way.


  • Dual probe technology
  • Hands free monitor
  • Large LCD screen
  • Back-lit for use at night or in low light
  • USDA temperature presets
  • Countdown and Count Up timer
  • Battery powered

How do you use a wireless digital meat thermometer?

Make sure you insert the probes firmly into the thickest part of the meat. You must be careful that the tip is not touching any bones. Set up the wireless digital thermometer either by selecting one of the presets on the menu or program it according to your preference. You can check out the current temperature levels via the wireless monitor.

Can you leave a digital thermometer in the oven?

Yes, definitely! Most digital thermometers are designed to be kept inside the oven to provide up to date temperature information on the food you are cooking. They can work safely without causing damage to the food or your oven.

How many degrees will meat rise after resting?

A wise cook knows that the meat’s temperature will rise during the resting period. Depending on the type of meat, you might see a 3 to 10 °F increase in the degrees during the resting phase. The bigger the meat, the higher the increase will be. You must take this effect into consideration when deciding on the doneness level of the meat.


  • When you are cooking only one type of meat, use the extra probe to monitor the oven temperature.
  • Take into consideration that the meat’s temperature can increase up to 15°F during the resting period, and take off the meat from the heat accordingly.


  • Do not insert the probes too close to the bone. Otherwise, you might get inaccurate temperature reading.

In Conclusion

Get yourself one of the best digital meat thermometers and cook any kind of meat professionally. Using a handy digital thermometer is basically convenient cooking. You can manage your time more efficiently and the food will come out as if it was served at a 5-star restaurant. I recommend the TP20 from ThermoPro to any home cook. It comes with a dual probe system that allows you to monitor two different types of meat simultaneously. The accuracy of the temperature readings is excellent. If you are looking for an extra professional solution, then try the TP27 model, which has 4 different probes and an amazing coverage area of 500 ft. It would also be a better fit if you are smoking meat frequentl


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