An Offbeat Japanese Sushi Knife – Zelite Infinity Chef Knife

If you have ever wondered how it feels to have a razor-sharp Samurai blade, then you should spend some time with the Zelite Infinity Chef knife. Besides its incredible appearance and the sturdy structure, this knife is made specifically for those who know their way around the kitchen.

Zelite is capable of slicing sushi rolls or soft vegetables such as tomatoes without damaging the exterior or squeezing them in the middle. Moreover, it is not just for making sushi; you can use it as a general chef knife to cut, chop, slice, and dice any kind of food you want.

One thing is guaranteed; you will wedge through raw meat like the blade runner. So, be careful when handling. It is professional cutlery but could also be tremendously beneficial for any home cook. I am familiar with sushi knives and have experience with them. Yet, this cool knife sure inspired me to try some new Asian recipes.

Some Background on Japanese Sushi Knives

Before we dig more in-depth on this topic, you should know that there are two main categories for these specialty cutleries, and that involves their honing type. Take note that traditional Japanese knives are honed only on one side, and there is a good reason for that. Almost all models were made this way in the past. Nevertheless, you will notice that Western chef knives are honed on both sides. Apart from the sophisticated models, we see that many Japanese knives are also emerging as honed on both sides nowadays. Whether you should opt for the single side honing or the double side is totally up to you. And, it has to do with the vibe rather than the final results since both versions enable you to cut sticky rice rolls flawlessly.

When you enter the world of Japanese knives, you will encounter different models named as deba, usaba, santoku, yanagiba and more. These names mainly indicate their usage types. Some of them are better at slicing, and some of them are good at chopping. You will notice that some versions are better to be used when handling meat with bones.

Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8 inch – Damascus Japanese

You can describe the Zelite Infinity chef knife as the best of both worlds. Please make no mistake; it is definitely an ¨Asian¨ style blade with well-designed sharpness and quality material. Note that it is made from the VG10 super steel 67 layer and honed to 12-15 degrees. The beautiful damascus pattern not only makes it incredibly stunning to the eye but is dangerously sharp too. However, this knife also features some of the same characteristics that Western knives share. First of all, you will immediately notice that it has a perfect balance when you actually hold it. This heft and balance make it easier when you are slicing soft and sticky food very much like the sushi. The food gets released from it so smoothly. The edge retention is excellent too, but I advise you to use a specially made sushi mat when slicing. Trust me; this will immensely prolong its longevity and durability. Note that this knife is hand-sharpened and it is ready to use when it arrives. In fact, it is a bit too sharp that you have to watch out for your fingers. It is good to remember that Zelite can cut fast and deep. Please pay attention when using one of these.

The military grade handle and the blade are both handcrafted. Let me also point out that the handle is ergonomically designed with a tapered bolster. Plus, it does not matter if you have big or small hands — it will minimize the wrist tension no matter what. This is vital for cooks that slice and dice for long periods of time. Before I forget, there is another advantage with the handle that this knife comes with a full tang, which is a must if you are shopping for pro-level cutlery.   

Do not worry about any stain or corrosion since it can resist both. Cleaning is practical with warm water and mild dishwasher detergent, but you should never put in the dishwasher machine. It comes with a fancy storage box, which turns it into a great gift idea for any of your friends or relatives who are into cooking.

Tip Alert

Hand-wash only; you should never put Japanese style chef knives into the washing machine if you want to keep them well maintained.

The knife is designed in Japan and produced in Zelite’s state of the art factory in Yangjiang, China. The city of Yangjian is famous for its knife masters. It has been like this for the last 1500 years. So, it is fair to say that they developed considerable skills in knife manufacturing. The material for the blade is imported directly from Takefu, Japan. Incredibly, each knife is crafted over 60 days by individual artisans. Take note that German standard operating procedures are applied as the guidelines during the production process.


  • 2.4 mm thick blade
  • Handcrafted and hand-sharpened
  • Full tang design
  • Rounded edges
  • Made from Japanese AUS-10 super steel
  • Ergonomic handle – military grade
  • Tapered bolster for additional comfort
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What is a Japanese chef knife is called?

The all-purpose chef knives are called Gyutou in Japan. They are similar to the Western chef knives you use in the kitchen for all kinds of tasks. The main difference between the two blades is that the Japanese version is thinner and lighter. When it comes to Western style knives, you will notice that they are not as sharp as the Japanese Gyutou.

Why are Japanese knives so expensive?

There is a good reason for it. First of all, most of the Japanese knives are handcrafted by skilled artisans. This hand manufacturing process increases the costs and the production period. Moreover, Japanese knives are usually made from expensive and durable Japanese steel. The extra labor, higher-priced materials, and the additional layers on the blade add to the final product’s cost.

Are Japanese knives are cheaper in Japan?

Yes, you can get lower prices for Japanese knives in Japan. Sellers in other countries need to adjust and balance for additional fees such as customs and shipping in order to make these items locally available in their markets. Furthermore, fluctuating exchange rates also generate additional costs.

In Conclusion

Get ready to be more productive in the kitchen when you get yourself the Zelite Infinity Chef knife. It is talented cutlery that will open up new horizons for you in the kitchen. From the tip of the edge to the end of the bolster, you know you are at the right place when you hold a real Japanese knife in your hand. The fabulous damascus design and the perfect honing lets you cut through any type of food effortlessly. I can certainly call the Zelite Infinity a performance knife. You can either use it at a sushi restaurant professionally or prepare great dishes at home. Regardless of how often you use it, you can be sure that it will not fail you. It is exceptionally sharp and effectively minimizes the wrist tension with the handcrafted military grade handle.


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