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Chocolate Mania Cake Recipe

Who can say no to an ultra-moist, extra chocolate-filled, vanilla-crazed cake? The combination of chocolate and vanilla is pure joy for most of us. There are plenty of alternatives out there. But sometimes, it just does not cut to bake that regular cocoa or devil’s food cake. You feel the urge for some deeper aroma […]

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Tasty Berry Layer Cake with Icing

If you fancy berries, you will love this fluffy berry cake recipe. Serve it with delicious icing on top and amaze your friends. The only special ingredient you might need is probably berry syrup. Other than that, we use regular stuff that you probably already have in the kitchen. Also, please feel free and pick […]

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Kids Favorite Apple Cake Recipe

In my mission to find healthy-ish sweets for my children to eat, I managed somehow to come up with a very delicious apple cake recipe. The entire family (the kids and I) are big fans of the famous pie, but my daughter decided that she no longer eats that. So, I had to come up […]

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Butter Cookies Recipe

Butter cookies make everyone smile instantly. They are crispy, delicious, full of flavor, and insanely addictive with a hot cup of coffee! Maybe, they should be labeled as natural dopamine triggers. Most people enjoy these cookies during the holiday season. However, it is year-round fun for me, except maybe for the super-hot July and August. […]


Crispy Cinnamon Ball Cookies

I cannot say no to cinnamon, and I don’t know of anyone who can resist it. The combination of cinnamon and vanilla takes me to a magical world, very much like the one portrayed in the movie Chocolate Factory. Mine is better, though. It is full of fairies, and there are no twisted plots. Every […]